Cheers to the past, present and future

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The stove was historically the center and the heart in a home or local communal space. Not only providing warmth but also preparing nourishment.



Being present in the moment, allow us to open our doors and offer up the warmth within our space and delicious bites and beverages.



We’re unsure of what the future holds, but we do know that regardless of what happens, our stove and our house will be here to greet you and your loved ones.


Founded by coal miners from all corners of the world, Cle Elum represents a melding of cultures and traditions, creating a community where genuine human interaction was of the utmost importance.
Fast forward 100 years, The Stovehouse is a nod to Cle Elum’s historical beginnings, providing a convivial atmosphere where great conversation and home cooked meals are once again placed at the forefront.